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International Media Informatics” (IMI) is a program of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW Berlin). As a part of their education, our students implemented numerous innovative and interesting projects. In this blog, IMI students report on a selection of their projects.

This blog will also publish a small number of articles of other HTW students and professors on their projects.

All articles in IMI-Blog are licensed under Creativ Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0.

IMI Blog is edited by Prof. Dr. Gefei Zhang.


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Acca[1] Anamoly Detection[1] Angular[1] Bachelor Thesis[2] CQRS[1] Data Science[3] Domain Driven Design[1] Fairness[1] Flask[1] Gender Gap[1] GraphQL[1] IMI[2] Independent Coursework[5] Jobs[1] Machine Learning[1] Master Thesis[1] Python[1] React[2] Scala[1] Single-Page-Application[1] Social network[1] Tetris[1] Xamarin[1] Xing[1]


Alexander Zarges[1]
Debora Weber-Wulff[2]
Elsa Schröder[1]
Florian Wiese[1]
Franz Flintzer[1]
Jakob Pfeiffer[1]
Lena Serdarusic[1]
Lina Kriebel[1]
Linda Fernsel[2]
Malte Götz[1]
Nicolas Drebenstedt[1]
Paul-Eric Lange[1]
Peter Gerhard[1]